Sparkman Ninth Grade

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Semester Exam Information

S9GS and Sparkman High School

Wednesday, May 24
Final Exams for 1ST and 2ND Block classes during regular class times.
Exams will be over at 11:30 AM.

Thursday, May 25
Final Exams for 3RD and 4TH Block Classes during 1ST and 2ND Block times
Exams will be over at 11:30 AM.

S9GS Final Exams

  1. Final Examinations/Effective 2010-11
    a. All students will take final examinations, IN ALL CLASSES.
    b. The final exam grade will count 20% of the student's final grade.

**Alternative assignments/projects cannot be assigned in lieu of final exams.
Semester averages are calculated with a combination of the two nine week grades and the semester average. The first and second nine week grades are 40% each of the final grade and the semester exam is 20% of the final grade. After the percentages are calculated, add the points together to get the final grade for the class.

1st Nine Weeks Average = 92
2nd Nine Weeks Average = 79
Final Exam Grade = 85

1st Nine Weeks Average x 40%: 92 x 0.40 = 36.8
2nd Nine Weeks Average x 40%: 79 x 0.40 = 31.6
Final Exam Grade x 20%: 85 x 0.20 = 17

Final Grade: 36.8 + 31.6 + 17 = 85.4