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Ventolin & Epi-pen Inhalers Recall



Attn: S9 parents

If your circle of family and friends has members who use a Ventolin HFA inhaler, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has issued a voluntary recall on three lot numbers: 6ZP0003 Expiring 04/18, 6ZP9944 expiring 04/18, and 6ZP9848 expiring 03/18.

GSK has reported there have been reports of the overwrap or pouches containing the inhalers, becoming inflated by leaking from the product. The leaking may cause the inhaler to deliver fewer doses than shown on the dose counter.

Contact the GSK company response center for questions 1-888-825-5249.

There has also been a much publicized voluntary recall for 13 lots of Epipen and Epipen Jr.’s distributed by Mylan. To verify your lot number is not affected by this recall you may contact Mylan @ 800-796-9526, search the link below

or search Epipen recall March 31, 2017.


Stay healthy.

Nurse Olson