Sparkman Ninth Grade

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Final Exam Schedule


Thursday, December 14
Final Exams for 1ST and 2ND Block classes during regular class times.

Friday, December 15
Final Exams for 3RD and 4TH Block Classes during 1ST and 2ND Block times
No Check Outs After Exams

S9GS Final Exams

  1. Final Examinations/Effective 2010-11
    a. All students will take final examinations, IN ALL CLASSES.
    b. The final exam grade will count 20% of the student's final grade.

**Alternative assignments/projects cannot be assigned in lieu of final exams.
Semester averages are calculated with a combination of the two nine week grades and the semester average. The first and second nine week grades are 40% each of the final grade and the semester exam is 20% of the final grade. After the percentages are calculated, add the points together to get the final grade for the class.

1st Nine Weeks Average = 92
2nd Nine Weeks Average = 79
Final Exam Grade = 85

1st Nine Weeks Average x 40%: 92 x 0.40 = 36.8
2nd Nine Weeks Average x 40%: 79 x 0.40 = 31.6
Final Exam Grade x 20%: 85 x 0.20 = 17

Final Grade: 36.8 + 31.6 + 17 = 85.4